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This was excellent! The tunnels of balls made for an unsettling and unique maze. That was a very clever design choice. The slow build and reveal of McSpider was well done too. Also it's impossible to say the name "McDongs" without laughing. We hope you continue to create and maybe even get "Return to the Ball Pit".

this was actually pretty fun, i enjoyed the obstacle courses and the clown really got me at one point, it was a little annoying that if you died you restarted so far back but apart from that a good solid game, gameplay above hope you guys enjoy 


🔥 Gameplay en Español 🔥

Bueno el juego fue muy emocionante aunque realmente nose si es un juego de terror o mas del estilo de comedia ya que tiene muchas cosas graciosas, como sea excelente juegp


really cool game, super creepy and i like the idea. in your next game please think more about the checkpoint placement, its not fun having to do stuff again if you die. 

Such a great horrifyingly silly indie horror game! Love how the clown is actually chasing you and playing around with you! SUPER SCARY! GREAT JOB!

This game was fantastic! I loved all the little details and creepy ball pit stuff i'll be eating at mcdongs again ;)

This is one of my favorite indie games by far. I enjoyed it so much. It made me laugh a bunch and I even screamed a few times. I'm extremely happy I got to play this amazing game. 

Really good game I enjoyed playing it.

I'd recommend another save point after falling into the body dump room as I fell into the goop rising it took me way back to the torch. Other than that really good job!

I had a fun time with this game. 

nice work =) by the way i believe in the bloody floor area there was some glitching happening.

This took me by surprise! It has a lot of atmosphere packed in such a short game, and a genuinely scary chase scene. I loved the concept, and it was well executed! Great work!

Not expecting him lol. This was a great game!!

Had a lot of fun with this one, really neat concept and I liked the platforming, great job :)

I love that you put pilotredsun's music in. Love to see his music in a spooky game like this!


thank you everyone for the views i am working on a new spooky game lol

This game was fantastic! I loved all the little details and creepy ball pit stuff i'll be eating at mcdongs again ;)

the concept is unironically cool

some nice balls in this game

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Great game, I liked the maze style, you had to really pay attention to turn the corners, especially during the chase. I managed to escape the creature on my third try and completed the platform area, although I couldn't figure out the ending and got stuck in the looping rooms. At that point I accepted death, which was probably coming anyway. Regardless, had fun playing. Thanks for creating :)

Such a creepy and vibrant looking game. Great job.

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this mcdonalds needs a bad review but this game gets a good one :D Good job it was pretty cool 

Had a good time messing around with this game. Keep it up

if this was real i would have ran when i heard him good game

Can confidently Say that this is one of the weirdest games i've ever played

the clown gave me chills. but nice work! :)


You created a very strange game here, not gonna lie.

Amazing game! Fun and creepy at the same time. And I´m scared from that clown monster...hahha played here!

(Your game begins at 1:44:43)

Now this was fun! A pretty visually unqiue setting for a lot of these types of games for sure.

It personally takes me out of it a bit that this is actually, recognizably, McDonalds when you could quite easily have it be a more generic (but still very reminiscent) burger place - though that's not to say a stretched out Ronald face isn't hilarious.

But still, quite creative overall, and just a neat idea of wat lies beneath something otherwise innocent. Good work!

I crapped my britches LOL. I love ball pit sorry i died and he died

cool creepy


This was funny and fun, good job!

love it so much thank you :):):)

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Really loved this game ! Love the spooky vibes when in the depths of the balls ! 

Oh man...

this game is beatiful

thanks gamer

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