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Those goofy ahh noises bro🌚

Feel free to check my video out🐥

What'd they do to ma boi Ronald 😂

I enjoyed playing this game!

Mcdongs is the best place lol. Really had fun in the ball pit. Good job Dev

I never wanna go to Mcdong's again

5/5 jogo manero.


Horror gameplay! Highly recommended!


Short I made (for advertising maybe?! :P)


I enjoyed my stay at Wcdonalds.

McDongs for the W! I really liked the old McDonald's menus that were used in the first part, it's like walking down memory lane lol

p.s. SUCH a pleasant surprise that it was a longer game. ALSO, SPEEDRUNNING potential?? Loved that you moved faster strafing.

Absolutely FANTASTIC!!! 11/10

Awesome game! Love the concept.
Also Ronald McDongle is a scary individual.

Interesting concept, I didn't think Ronald Mcdong could be this unsettling

I recorded this (14:13)

This game was fun (1st game) i enjoyed it :)

this was a much bigger game than I thought it would be. 10/10 it's a ton of fun

Pretty fun game! Had some twists I did not expect.

i like :) Also the ronald monster is HORRIFIYING so good job on that!  Also also i love the concept of a ballpit or somthing similar being so deep that a monster that probably dug those tunnels and got those chairs and doors down there could live down there. gg dev!

Had a great time playing this game. I'm looking forward to more from the developer.

cool game 9/10 the monster really made me alt f4 lol

Great game, loved the music playing in McDongs. Scares were good and atmosphere was amazing. 10/10

I was so happy I thought it was about the Ball pit in Dashcon

This game was McAmazing hilarious moments with some intense ones as well. The ball pit area should totally be added as a backrooms level it was really cool😎! Thank you in advance to those who check out my channel🙌🏼

The game states it is Mac compatible but there is no download option for the mac version, could someone help me out please?

Ngl, I had 0 expectations yet this made my day. Really fun to hang out at the ballpit backroom

Dudes really had me rolling around in the balls dimension (Gameplay at 4:11)

This was AMAZING!!! A funny yet very scary horror game, which is pretty hard to perfect. Good job gloopo, and I hope you enjoy my video!

Not Bad But Needs Work On The Storyline

This was a lot of fun to play! Great execution and design! Loved the scares and the mechanics! Good job! 

Had no clue what to expect going into this game but my god did it scare me good! Very rare you see a game based around a fast food area but nice work either way! Looking forward to what else you release! :) 

First game in the video, what a fun game! 

I'm now terrified of McDonalds and will never go there again. Jumpscare killed me (metaphorically and in game). 

Well done! Check out my video.

It was a fun game and spooky.

If you are enjoying my video leave me a comment on what you think about the video.

Very fun and spooky game, like it a lot! Can't wait to play more games from you!

One of the creepiest monsters I've had the pleasure of encountering in a horror game. Great stuff Gloopa Games. I'll never look at McDong's the same again!

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starting it hope its good ( i died 5 times)

This game was good . My only complaint is that it had no check points lol But that just made me super stubborn and determined to beat it. It's a solid game!

Cool game here's a speedrun

Awesome. I got a lot of scares.

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